XXX SEDERI Conference

Brave New Worlds: Early Modern Discoveries

Lisbon, Portugal | 8-10 May, 2019



Call for Papers

We are pleased to announce that the 30th SEDERI Conference will take place at the School of Arts and Humanities, University of Lisbon, Portugal, on 8-10 May 2019.

The Conference title – Brave New Worlds: Early Modern Discoveries –addresses in the first instance the momentous challenges of the age and the sense of novelty that characterised the period’s exploration of seas, islands and continents. But ‘discovery’ also encompasses other encounters between self and world through the mediation of renewed systems of learning, like philosophy, philology, poetry, history or science. This conference focuses primarily on ideas and social practices around discovery and travel, such as cultural encounters, new geographies, overseas trade, otherness and identity; it also aims to reflect on a pioneering cultural poetics that fused traditional forms and new media to express the certainties, perplexities and contradictions of the age’s advancements.

The following Plenary Speakers have already confirmed their participation:

JAMES LOXLEY (University of Edinburgh, UK)

JYOTSNA G. SINGH (Michigan State University, USA)

SARAH KNIGHT (University of Leicester, UK)


We welcome proposals for 20-minute papers and round table discussions in English, on the following topics:

  • Travel writing and early modern geographies.
  • Trade, traffic and exchange: material culture in Tudor and Stuart England.
  • Building identities and discovering the alien in the early modern period.
  • Cross-cultural encounters: self and other(s).
  • Utopia(s) and other elsewheres.
    Early modern epistemologies: magic, philosophy, science.
  • Anglo-Iberian relations and diplomacy.
  • Textual explorations: early modern arts of discourse.
  • Visual poetics: emblem books and iconography.
  • Local and global discoveries.
  • Negotiations of gender in early modern England.
  • New worlds for a new nation.

Proposals must be sent as an e-mail attachment (doc; docx; pages) to before 20 February and contain the following information:

  • the author’s name and institutional affiliation;
  • a short biographical note (100 words);
  • the full title of the paper;
  • a two-hundred word abstract;
  • the author’s postal and electronic addresses;
  • technical requirements for the presentation. All the rooms will be equipped with computers and video projectors, but please save your presentations in Power Point 97 – 2003 (Mac or Windows). However, if you are using a Mac, please bring your own adapter cable.